LIFE 2016 — Momentum



This year our students had the life-changing opportunity to attend the LIFE 2016 conference in Kansas City, MO.

Christian Speakers – Our students had the incredible opportunity to hear words of life and wisdom from some of the most inspired Christian leaders of today.  Francis Chan, Jefferson Bethke, John Stumbo, and Tim Meier all spoke Spirit-filled words of life and wisdom into our teens.

Christian Artists – Jordan Howerton Band, Trace Bundy, Micah Bournes, Justin Flom, About A Mile, Sojourner.  God has gifted each of these people/bands with awesome talent!  We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience their gifts and talents throughout the week at LIFE.

Seminar Speakers – All of our teens had the opportunity to choose from a variety of speakers during two separate sessions each day on a variety of topics that are relevant to the struggles and issues they deal with today.  Topics included:  Reading the Bible as a narrative, Creative writing as a spiritual discipline, What are you going to be when you grow up?  Christ, Creation & Science….Do we need all three?  As well as some more controversial topics, like:  Loving my gay friend, Climbing out of the black hole of depression, Between broken and beauty; the story of former stripper, Harmony Dust.  These speakers were incredible.  No matter where our teens are in their walk with God, there was something for them each day to learn.

Renew the City Community Service – Our students took an afternoon to serve in the community as well.  Hey spent  hours cleaning out a tree row, cutting and dragging brush, picking up garbage and working alongside other teens to help restore a Kansas City park area to its former glory!  And it was hot!!

Momentum 5K – Our teens had an opportunity to run a 5K.  The funds raised went toward the ministry of a brand new C&MA church that will launch in Kansas City in 2016.

Beyond Ourselves, LIFE Offering – Our teens also had the opportunity to give to help others.  The LIFE offering was taken this year to help Syrian Refugees.  Our teens learned about the struggles and hardships these refugees are facing and how their sacrificial giving can help.


From one of our students:

“Life meant to me a lot of things. It showed me lots of new things and challenges that I need in my life. It also showed me that there are people like me out there, teens struggling with there faith. Life meant that I could be myself around total Jesus freaks like me!!”


Our students have so many fun memories from this trip!  Goofy and silly ones from our long bus ride, fun times with friends, making new friends, as well as serious, life-changing memories about how God used this time to speak to their heart, give them a new direction, or convict them of something in their life that needs to change.  This trip may well have been a changing-point in a teen’s life, a commitment that will lead to lasting change and faith in Jesus.


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