What does PVYC do?

Our goal is to give teenagers in our community an environment where they can thrive.

We provide teenagers a fun environment where they can play games, join in physical activity, hang out with their friends and have fun. Our programs and events are either free or at a very minimal cost to the teens and their families and this is because of our generous donors and sponsors.

After-School Program

Monday through Thursday ~ 3:30pm-6pm

An important aspect of the After School Program is the tutoring and homework help. We provide skilled and qualified tutors to help students raise grades and also become more engaged and motivated to complete assignments. We are developing a tutoring  program that creates a communication and support circle between the school, the family, and the After School Program. We believe that a student’s family is the most influential part of their education and we want to provide the tools and support necessary for families to succeed.

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Physical Activity/Games
  • Homework Help & Workshops

There’s More…

Thursday Meals

Every Thursday at 6:30pm we share a meal and since we’re all friends here, so that’s how we do dinner. Sit down with us each week to laugh, share stories, and eat great food made by people in our community. If you want to practice your culinary expertise and bless some students with your talents, please contact us!

 Youth Group

Each Thursday after dinner we host certain events specific to aspects of our faith. We do this by focusing on a different aspect of growth each week of the month. These include building teamwork, learning to experience worship of God, how to communicate with Him, and connect with others.

 Summer Program

PVYC Summer Program includes learning and experiential opportunities to broaden perspectives and enhance the lives of students. Trips include zoos, libraries, sporting events and fun activities throughout the area and beyond.


We want to provide students with the opportunity to sit down with local counselors to deal with trauma they have experienced and/or learn to cope with the struggles they face. Each session is fully funded by PVYC and includes both individual and family therapy opportunities.

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA or Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets at PV High School, Fridays at 7:05am during the school year.

Food Centre

The PVYC Food Centre serves as a resource to aid in creating food security for families in our community and to teach students how to grow, cook and store healthy food options. From garden plots, to refrigeration, to the kitchen, and to the plate, our students can follow their food and become part of a growing movement that knows what goes into their food and how to create delicious dishes from the ground up!


PVYC Summer Program includes a few days of ServeCAMP • Four days of work projects, team-building, guest speakers and service to the Penns Valley region • PVYC partners with community members and businesses.

 Community Events

Get involved in the community by joining PVYC at one of our local events! • Community-Wide Thanksgiving Dinner • Community Bread • Tailgate