After School Program


After-School Program

Monday through Thursday ~ 3:30pm-6pm

Tutoring/Homework Help

An important aspect of the After School Program is the tutoring and homework help. We provide skilled and qualified tutors to help students raise grades and also become more engaged and motivated to complete assignments. We are developing a tutoring¬† program that creates a communication and support circle between the school, the family, and the After School Program. We believe that a student’s family is the most influential part of their education and we want to provide the tools and support necessary for families to succeed.

Healthy Snacks

Part of our goal at the After School Program is to help students develop healthy habits and make healthy choices. We provide free healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers. On Wednesdays, we provide a full meal to the students for dinner.

Physical Activity/Games

Aside from tutoring and healthy snacks, we have a wide variety of games and activities available for students to participate in. These activities range from crafts, board games and video games to dodge ball and basketball. We encourage the students to get away from the television and computer, and instead, participate in physically active games.

Take a look at more specific activities that we have during the After-School Program by checking out the Programs listed below such as, Enrichment Workshops, Wednesday Meal, and our Summer Program. Our activities change with the season so check back often!


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