School is back in session! Here is a look at what our Summer Program looks like though…so you can be ready for summer!

Check below for upcoming events and activities…


Every Tuesday during the summer we will meet at PVYC at 12pm for lunch and then head out for fun things like Tubing down Penns Creek, a trip to the Millheim pool, a trip to the farmer’s market and lots of other  fun activities!!


The center opens at 12pm every Wednesday during the summer and a light lunch is provided. We do things like watch movies, play board games, play soccer and basketball, make crafts, cook.

We provide a full meal for dinner on Wednesdays starting at 6:00pm followed by our Youth Group program until 8:30pm. Some Wednesday evenings we go places: Tussey Mountain, Spikes Game, Grange Fair, etc.


ServeCamp 2015:

What do shovels, paint, mountain pies, guitars, high-ropes course, and an awesome t-shirt have in common? ServeCamp 2015! For $50, you get lovely accommodations at Krislund, 4 days worth of meals, fun with friends, and a chance to make a difference in our community!

Daily, we will break up into teams to head out into Penns Valley and serve. Projects usually include painting, building, fixing, weeding, and demolition. In the evenings we will have a session, worship, bonfire and free time. Our theme of 12:3:1 will demonstrate methods of serving others with our community, with small groups, and one on one.


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