What is a Workshop?

Workshops are hands-on classes or experiences that teach students life skills that can be used in their everyday lives or as they work towards developing a career choice, in a fun and engaging way!

When are the workshops?

Workshops schedules vary depending on the activity but are held during the After-School Program. (Transportation information is available on the Programs page)

How to sign up…..

If you are a student, or are a parent/guardian of a student who would like to participate in a specific workshop, please contact us and let us know your name, grade, phone number and which workshop you are interested in.


Iris Photography Club: 3rd Tuesday of the Month with Meagan Jepson


Upcoming Workshops:



Past Workshops:

IMG_20140325_170246PVYC Garden

How It’s Made- Penn State Cow Barns and Creamery

Basic Auto Maintenance with Dave Bierlein

Cooking Class with Marcie Lynch of the Passionate Palate

Financial Class with JT Falls

Penn State Extensions: Nutrition Links


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